The Integral Onshore Well Plug & Abandonment Specialist
from Reservoir to Surface

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients an integral and sustainable solution for their onshore abandonment issues. By knowledge, an innovative approach and the hands-on mentality of the partners of the Abandon Group we can deliver cost-efficient solutions for minimizing abandonment costs with ‘first time right’ approach, safe removal operations and closure services.

Our Vision

With the Abandon Group our clients have one focal point for all abandonment aspects, a total solution with turn-key approach, from well site to hand over to the land owner. One-stop-shopping for companies with their own engineered abandonment approach or to be started from scratch with a feasibility study. The goal is a standardization in abandonment operations with state of the art technology and clustering of abandonment projects for minimizing abandonment costs and striving for lump sum abandonment operations.

Our Activities

Partner Companies

Callidus wells and pipelines solution center is a leading innovative technology center which is able to discover, develop, proof, manufacture, certify and deploy new technology, focusing on:

By using an analytic and methodic development, engineering and production process Callidus reduces cost & time to market considerable as compared to traditional companies in our field.

WSG distinguishes itself by meeting the highest customer design specifications. Based on an accurate study of well data, we are able to answer all questions with various complexity, always keeping environmental and safety in mind. Well control under all conceivable conditions, while using our advanced technology, has proven to be very efficient and therefore cost effective.

WSG provides Coiled Tubing, Mini Coil, Slickline and Radial Jetting services.

The WellGear Group services the oil, gas, geothermal and gas storage market with Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing equipment while having a focus on innovation and excellence. Within these industries, WellGear is leading in:

WellGears strength is based on the extensive experience of their teams in combination with innovative modular equipment being designed for its tasks.

Antea Group provides services for Environment, Civil Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Recreation. For the Oil & Gas Industry Antea Group provides services for drill pads, pipelines and treatment plants: feasibility, planning, environmental studies, EIA, QRA, permit applications, design, engineering, civil construction, operation and maintenance (e.g. pipeline management) and abandonment. Antea Group is involved in all the activities for surface abandonment, from the first step to hand over of the site to the land owner.


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